The Difference Between Air Sterilizer and Air Purifier

(Air sanitization and disinfection machine) in operating room cleans and disinfects to improve the natural nature of patients. Air purging and disinfection machine) in operating room eliminates formaldehyde, microorganisms, infections, molds, and other poisonous and destructive segments noticeable all around. The essential standard is: suck part of the filthy air in the shut room into the machine through the super static fan; sift through the huge and little residue noticeable all around through the composite channel (introductory impact + middle of the road impact + actuated carbon + photocatalyst). The super solid bright light on the air delta side in a flash eliminates microorganisms in the streaming air; sends clean air that has been sifted through of residue and eliminated microbes back to the room, and the spotless wind currents rapidly to decontaminate and disinfect the air; simultaneously, negative oxygen particles invigorate the air. I have seen numerous air disinfection machines (air sanitization and disinfection machines) for operating rooms on the lookout. Read more about operating room disinfection machine.

Air Sterilizer 

Air sanitizers are machines that disinfect air through the standards of filtration, sanitization, and cleansing. As well as eliminating microorganisms, infections, molds, spores and other purported cleaning and disinfection, a few models can likewise eliminate formaldehyde, phenol, and other natural contaminations in indoor air and can likewise murder or channel dust and different allergens. Simultaneously, it can viably eliminate the smoke and smoke smell created by smoking, the awful stench in the bathroom, and the stench of individuals. The disinfection impact is solid, and the disinfection can be performed under the state of human exercises to understand the concurrence of man and machine. 

Clinical Application 

Air disinfection is a significant measure to forestall emergency clinic contaminations. Utilizing an air disinfection machine can successfully clean the air in the operating room, sanitize the operating climate, diminish careful diseases, and improve the achievement pace of a medical procedure. It is reasonable for air disinfection in the operating room, treatment room, ward, and different spaces. 

Working Principle 

There are numerous sorts of air disinfection machines, and there are numerous standards. Some utilization ozone innovation, some utilization bright lights, some utilization channels, some utilization photocatalysis, etc. 

1. Essential filtration, medium, and high productivity filtration, electrostatic adsorption filtration: viably eliminate particles and residue from the air. 

2. Actuated carbon organization: aerating capacity. 

3. Photocatalyst Network 

4. Bright 

5. Negative particle generator 

6. Plasma generator

7. Ozone generator 

Air Purifier 

The air purifier is a cutting-edge item autonomously created by our organization with complete free protected innovation rights and has gotten public licenses. 

◆ 3 Level Filter 8 Level Purification 

Utilizing triple channels to purge the air, plasma disinfection, and simultaneously discharge high-focus negative particles to decontaminate the air, consequently changing the indoor air structure, accomplishing a similar room for man and machine, and giving a sound, protected and new indoor working and living climate for clients. 

◆ Adaptation Range 

The item is generally utilized in different medical clinics, blood stations, office spaces, businesses, lodgings, shopping centers, schools, food plants, teahouses, bars, homes, and different spots requiring air filtration. 

What Are The Differences? 

1. The disinfection machine eliminates microorganisms and infections in the indoor air by bright beams,

2. Air purifier can circle indoor air while purging indoor air, and 

3. Air disinfection machine can sanitize and clean the air, yet additionally, circle indoor air. 

Kind Of Air Sterilizer 

1. Plasma air disinfection machine 

2. Bright air sanitizer; 

3. Ozone disinfection machine 

Since various conditions and fields require contrasts, pick an air sanitizer for family, business, or clinic outpatient administrations.  Read more about operating room disinfection machine.

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